Modern Ancient (the book presale)

Modern Ancient Presale!

A new experiment in Desert Archaic’s existence, a new way of experiencing art in this strange new moment. Please buy a presale of this new book and participate in this magic art exhibit.

In this over consumed digital 2020 we’ve all been digesting pixels like they are a bottomless fine BordeauxWine and this has been a great if not confusing experience. This book is a antidote to the digital universe, a little change up the the normal, a mystery and it is certianly intentionally confusing. But it’s a real, bonified art exhibet, deliverable to your doorstep and can be revisited for as long as you keep track of this book.

Please help me to get this dream off the ground and in turn you will have a magical piece of art.

The Themes and The Tangents

The title of the book – “Modern Ancient” – a theme Jeannie and I have lived our lives together with and which we try to weave throughout the book.  We constantly strive to be in touch with the earth and the rhythms of this planet, the ancient magic which permeates all life on this thin layer of habitable oxygen.  We test ourselves in that most ancient way – by walking the mountains and deserts and surviving off our own wits.  At the same time we are very much of the modern, utilizing technology and embracing the interconnected stasis of the 21st century anthropocene.  There is great beauty in this balance and this theme is one we have long wanted to share fully with others.    

This book is an amalgamation of our life and our art and fiction and dream worlds and poetry and prose, the Modern Ancient and the Desert Archaic.   The content ranges from the autobiographic to the surreal and spans the last 15 years of time.  The story is that of our lives, our art, adventures and the dreams of the mind.  

I want you to think of this whole book is an art piece, rather than it being a book of pieces of art.  The book is an exhibition, albeit in limited edition instead of limited duration.   You have to buy a book to see this work of art and it will never again exist in this exact form.  Normally you come to an exhibition and experience it and maybe take a piece of art home with you.  Here it is the opposite in that you  buy the book up front but then you forever experience the whole exhibition.  

“Modern Ancient”, as it is my  first book,  is very special simply because it is the first one.  It’s an experiment and will be messy and error ridden for sure, but this will make it only all the more human and of this messy moment we are living through.  Think of it as a raw expression of our souls.

The Nitty Gritty Details

The total edition of “Modern Ancient” will be decided upon based on the presale of the book, I will print some extra to sell in the Desert Archaic when it reopens – but not too many extra, so I encourage everyone to use the preorder!

Each book will be signed and numbered, your copy will be randomly selected from the numbered edition.  

As to the format I’ve found a great printer that prints lots of art books and have settled on creationing a roughly 150 page 6.25 x 9.25 softcover book.  This format is very special to me as it’s the size of the sketchbooks I constantly carry with me.  This first book is an intimate experience more than an art book and I wanted the format to reflect that, it’ll fit nicely in your hand and take you on a beautiful journey.  

“Modern Ancient” will be available for pickup or shipped to you in early March of 2021.  The pre-sale runs through January 31st, 2021.  Get yours and get a bunch of gifts for your friends and family.  I promise it’ll be an amazing piece of art.