Diamond Back Necklace

$244.00 $199.00


The diamondback rattlesnake, illusion creature of the desert, sun goddess and locomotor in the strangest ways.  The pattern of the desert.  Sunsets. Rocks. Cactus. Everything just all covered with spines but yet toads still find a way forward.  Hawks overhead. Water, somewhere, mysteriously in the distance.

This Diamondback Necklace is hand forged out of sterling silver. I’ve fused a triangle pattern onto it which is reminiscent of the diamondback rattlesnakes coexisting in this beloved desert we inhabit.

The necklace opens from one side allowing the wire to pivot around so that you can put it on.  Then simple pivot the wire back around and insert it into the hole and it will stay securely upon your neck.

The shape I’ve formed for this knecklace is called an “anticlastic” form.  This is one of the strongest forms known to math as multiple directions in which the curves form adds great strength and rigidity to the resultant shape.  The earliest extant example of jewelry with this form was found in a peat bog and dates to the early Celtic period.  The knowledge on how to make this form as then lost until the Celtic object was found in the 1970’s after which a silversmith named Heikki Seppa relearned the ancient techniques on how to create jewelry with this form.  I find the creation of these to be pure magic.

As to sizing this will fit most people well.  You can bend the neck wire slightly in order to perfect the fit and lay as you like.  But be gentle and don’t over bend.