Five Elements Found Stones

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Due to the current world situation our gallery, Desert Archaic,  here in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico is closed for the foreseeable future.    Because of this I am posing most of my jewelry for sale online, some pieces at a very discounted price to make way for new creations.

This piece is from my Found Stones collection that I sell at Desert Archaic gallery.  They are the culmination of many years of bead and stone collecting.   With the help of my amazing rock drilling tool I am able to drill holes in stones and bring these pieces to life.

This piece has at its center a gathering of stones I’ve collected in the mountains near my home, each color representing the Five Elements.    The red stone is an amazingly pictured piece of Carnelian.  Joining it are shell Heishi beds, and at the back resides a bead made from petrified dinosaur bone.

The necklace is 34 inches (86.5cm) around.

This piece is regularly $95