Lunar Cuff #3


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Lunar living.  Smooth dusty hills outlined in craters.  Jagged sum lime and bubbles.  I’m constantly fascinated in the fact that we sent a rocket there, landed (somehow), brought a dune buggy and choose as the wildcard activity to hit a golf ball.  This bracelet, though, is not about any of that.  This is the moon that keeps our lives in order.  This is our ancient and most dear timepiece.  It’s the magical orb keeping us all sane.  

This cuff will fit most women’s sized wrists. This cuff is approximately 1 5/8” wide by 2 1/2” long. Please refer to the last two image of this listing to see the measurements of the cuff.  The cuff will bend slightly allowing one to customize the fit just so.  

Hand formed sterling silver cuff with granulated silver spheres hidden in the folds.