Molten Bangle -Small -Set #1

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The Molten Bangle Series.

I’ve decided to discount much of my adornment and will continue to do so during this strange time on earth.  It’s important to keep magic and art alive; we all need inspiration and to be inspired!

Forged with fire and hammer.  These bangles are birthed with the alchemy of metal smithing.  Molten metal is manipulated and fused layer upon layer to build up and create the whole.  Much as life is layers and layers of experience all working together to create each magical beings life.  I also add spheres of silver in a technique called granulation.  These are the treasures emerging from the molten stasis.

This bangel is formed of sterling silver entirely by hand.

These bangles are small size with a diameter of 2 1/4”.  You can see the dimensions of it in the final images of the posting.