Shades of Quartz & Silver Earrings


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In this new world, with the indefinite closure of our gallery, the world is now our gallery.  Many creations that were once only available in person at Desert Archaic in downtown Truth or Consequences, are now available here.

For years Ive been constructing earrings for our gallery.  Small sculptures to adorn my beautiful local friends and curious tourists alike.  I certainly wish that I could meet all of the ‘cyber tourists’ now visiting our online shop, but alas.  Here we are. Thank you for checking out my work!

These earrings were created from start to finish by me. (Jeannie Ortiz)  From the Sterling silver hooks of these earrings hang gorgeous figured agate beads, antique carnelian beads and Laguna Lace agate, and sterling silver chain.

Measurements in the photos.