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Desert Archaic living in a pandemic continum. This sure has been an interesting plots twist. But maybe plot twists provide the most interesting moments of divergence. Whatever lays ahead we are curious as ever for the future and it’s mysterious ways.

The desert this spring is in full bloom. Magical and completely encapsulated in the most vibrant bursts of existence. Surreal. Sublime. Extreme. Birds are still making nests in cactus.

Our art is now expressed through this lens and we hope you enjoy what we have on offer. This site is both art project, zine, art installation, and shop. It’s messy and changes often. There are ramblings and then there are places of unwarranted brevity.

$20 Per Ticket with each ticket giving you a 20% chance of a prize. 40 total prizes for only 200 tickets.

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Desert Archaic

Gallery. Truth or Consequences, NM. Timeless world. Beyond. Desert Archaic is the physical counterpart to this virtual realm you are currently interacting with on your personal terminal. Peruse the annals of the story at your pleasure. Use this map to find us if you are in the vicinity.