Autumn 2020

November 15th, 2020

We are pleased to release our Autumn 2020 collection, albeit in virtual form. This collection is comprised of both new creations and those from our archives. If you’ve visited our gallery in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico some of this will seem very familiar as we are trying to duplicate some of the shows we host virtually this fall.

We hope you will enjoy this exhibition of objects and art, relics and ideas.

Thank You!
Jeannie & Kyle

Autumn 2020 Collections: Adornment · Handloom · Fine Art · Infant Clothing · Women’s Clothing · Men’s Clothing

Desert Archaic Press Presents: Modern Ancient.

These new times call for new experiments. How to we show art when the simple act of gathering together is dangerous? How do we escape the constant trend towards the virtual and bring some physicality back into the world? That ancient art form of the book becomes cutting age again, and like that Desert Archaic now has a publishing wing.

Our first endeavor is a book by Jeannie Ortiz & Kyle Parker Cunningham, aptly named Modern Ancient. This book is an art exhibition in the form of a book, an intimate journey into the artist world of dreams, adventure and creation. You can learn more about it here or if you are already sold you can preorder the book below.

Modern Ancient will be available for pickup or shipped to you in March 2021. 

Learn more about Modern Ancient here.

The Life Desert Archaic

Desert Archaic living in a pandemic continuum. This sure has been an interesting plot twist. But maybe plot twists provide the most interesting moments of divergence. Whatever lays ahead we are curious as ever for the future and it’s mysterious ways.

Gallery. Truth or Consequences, NM. Timeless world. Beyond. Desert Archaic is the physical counterpart to this virtual realm you are currently interacting with on your personal terminal. Peruse the annals of the story at your pleasure. Use this map to find us if you are in the vicinity.